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It's Time to Start An Exciting Career in Tech

Renzoku is Victoria’s Tech School focusing on providing hyper relevant web development training creating job ready software developers.


Say Goodbye to Traditional Schooling​...

We recognize and take an apprenticeship style approach to training and have partnered with some of Victoria’s top software companies to ensure the latest technologies and practice are taught.

We are not a classroom based academic instructional institute.


...and Say Hello to Flexibility...

We are not a classroom based academic instructional institute. We recognize and take an ap

In-person Interactions

Students have the option to learn on-site at Victoria's very own Fort Tectoria. 


​We provide 4 class modules of 3 months each for up to one year overall duration.

...and Diversity

Module one has an initial focus on foundational web development languages, technologies, and frameworks, with following modules leading to more advanced topics with student and team-based projects.

Full stack web development and more

Students are immersed with software companies and tech start-ups, and learn not only how to build full stack web applications, but many additional software start-up and tech career best practices.

​Ultimately, students will interact and learn from experienced web development mentors from our partner companies.

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Students are encouraged to work together to learn the online classes and complete the module challenges.

We are not a classroom based academic instructional institute. We recognize and take an ap


Renzoku works closely with local businesses to provide a hyper-applicable curriculum alongside industry expert mentors.

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For All

All ages, all stages, all people learning together for the most unique learning experience ever.

Explore if
Full Stack Web Development is a career path for you.

A Well Thought-Out Curriculum

Renzoku understands web development is more a trade than an academic pursuit, and has structured our learning program with an apprenticeship model at its core. 

We have partnered with some of Victoria’s top software companies including: FreshWorks, Care2Talk, Cuboh, LetHub, ChatterBlock, and more. These software companies provide mentors, expertise, oversight, and most importantly guidance on hyper relevant tech stacks, frameworks, and methodologies so that graduates of Renzoku are job ready and hit the ground running.

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12 months

In-person classes


Module 1

Learn the fundamentals for Full Stack Web Development, the Python programming language, and the Django web framework.





Module 2

On top of learning the fundamentals of Web Development, learn how to build a single page webapp using modern Javascript technologies.






A glimpse of your  schedule 


Each module is 3 months long and we anticipate it to be approx 30-40 hours/week but we know life is busy and everyone is unique so we try our best to tailor a program that suits your situation.


Hybrid learning with mostly online courses and in person classes with mentors and other apprentices on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 1-4pm right downtown in Victoria's Tech Hub, Fort Tectoria.

 Tech  is booming.


Estimated to grow to a $10 billion industry in Greater Victoria before 2030.


The tech industry has grown 400% since 2004.


Tech sector jobs in BC pay 79.4% more than the provincial average

Summer of Tech
We always hear people say that employers are looking for people with experience but how can they get experience without getting a job?

Renzoku is our best effort at answering that question.
Victoria's tech industry is growing fast and there's a huge need for developers that are ready to go.

It's clear to us that industry needs to be heavily involved throughout a student's education for their best chance at success.


Chris Yue

James DeGreef

Chief Networker

 Full year program 

For more information about any of our modules or our Full Year Job Ready program, please contact 

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