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Renzoku is Victoria’s first tech apprenticeship-based school.

Our Story

Renzoku began in 2021 with a vision of providing job ready web developers to industry through hyper- relevant education and training. The model for Renzoku is predicated on close, ongoing relationships with local businesses that invest in the school through consultation, mentorship and financial sponsorship. The commitment from Renzoku is to find new and underutilized

talent for the technology sector through

a rigorous education with low financial barriers to entry.

Get to Know Us

Renzoku Inc is a school aimed to equip students with the necessary technical and interpersonal skills for a career in software/web development. In addition, Renzoku aims to partner local companies with a pipeline of new graduates with the specific, requisite knowledge and education for their growing needs.


Why you should try The Renzoku Way

Empowering Women In Tech

Women make up just 23% of the Canadian tech industry.

Bringing gender diversity to the tech industry is our goal. 
We are here to support women at any step of their journey by creating a community where people of diversity feel empowered. 

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